We are so fortunate to have the support of our dance families. Read more about what they have to say about ESD

We have been part of Evolution School of Dance for almost a year now and couldn’t be happier that we chose this company to help build our young daughters love of dance. Miss Stephanie and Miss Vanessa have done an amazing job creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for parents and students new to the dance community. We have loved watching our daughters confidence develop and grow with the support of her dance teachers at Evolutions. Her dance teachers inspire the love of dance through their enthusiasm and positive encouragement to try new things. Our daughter recently performed in her first dance recital and we were so impressed by her performance and her teachers’ ability to instruct and guide all the young dancers. Watching each group perform, it was clear that the teachers and dancers had put in countless hours of hard work to prepare for the performances.I would highly recommend Evolutions school of dance to any parent looking for a dance company for their child.

Renee, Parent of 4 year old dancer


This was our first year at Evolutions School of Dance and they have something for everyone!  Our daughter did a Preschool Full Year Class and a Beginner Full Year Class and she was having so much fun that our son asked to dance too so we decided to register him in the Small & Tall 2 class.  The teachers are so great with the kids, and the owners, Stephanie and Vanessa are seriously gems. They treat everyone like family and have accommodated our requests on every occasion without hesitation.  Our kids feel so special when they walk in the door and the owners and teachers know their names! We will definitely be back next year and try out a few new classes. The location of the studio is excellent with easy access to Centre St, Macleod Trail, Glenmore Trail, Blackfoot Trail and Deerfoot Trail and they have daytime, evening and weekend classes.

Robyn, Parent of 3&5 year old dancer


We have been at Evolutions for two years and are thrilled with our dance experience. It is clear that Evolutions is run by a family, because they truly make you feel like part of the family (they even gave out handwritten Christmas cards, which is more than I sent to my own family!). My main priority was for my daughters to gain a love of dance, which has certainly been met as my three year old asks daily "is it dance day yet?" The teachers are excellent at encouraging participation, listening, and creativity. I was thrilled with the age appropriate costumes/hair/(lack of) makeup and the number of senior students that helped with the preschool recital to make sure that the children's first recital was an awesome experience. Stephanie and Vanessa have clearly recognized that dance class is about more than just the dancing- they are helping the kids to learn discipline, responsibility, and to form lasting friendships. I highly recommend Evolutions and am happy to comply with my daughter's request to "take alllll the classes because I am a DANCER!”  

Laura, Parent of 3 year old dancer


There are so many options in Calgary when it comes to dance schools. I wanted an environment where my daughter felt supported, engaged, learn the safe and age-appropriate way to move her body, but also to have fun and use her imagination. Evolutions provides all of that and more in their experienced and professional directors, instructors, and staff. We love being part of the ESD family!

Rachel, Parent of 3 year old dancer


We started coming to Evolutions School of Dance in 2016 when our daughter was just about to turn two. I was looking for a parented dance class for my little ballerina and found the Small and Tall class with a quick google search. It was instant love with the teacher blowing my mind how she handled the toddlers and actually taught some dance technique.  My daughter loved it so much that we have continued to attend the school, she has moved through Small and Tall, Fairytale ballet and preschool ballet and she loves it. Our son use to bounce at the door of her class while waiting so we signed him up for Small and Tall as soon as he was old enough and he is now in his second year. There is so much to love about Evolutions, the quality of teaching, the variety of classes offered, the cleanliness and beauty of the studio and the opportunity for even the tiniest dancers to participate in the recitals (which makes them sooo confident and proud) but most of all we love the atmosphere and the genuine feeling of family at the studio. Evolutions has struck the perfect balance of quality teaching, opportunity to perfect technique and just letting the dancers be themselves and shine the way they are meant to!

Lisa, Parent of 2 & 5 year old dancers


My daughter, at the age of 3, started showing interest in dance and desperately wanted to learn. Wanting to foster her love of movement, while ensuring she acquired the proper technique of dance, I started my search for a dance school in Calgary.Once a dancer myself, it was essential the dance school have highly qualified teachers trained to teach dance. As a parent, it was necessary that the dance school provide a variety of classes to choose from, including times and types. Being an educator, the instructors needed to possess knowledge and skill for the developmental needs of my daughter in the studio. It was essential that the dance school demonstrated impeccable professionalism.

My search and explicit criteria for introducing my daughter to the world of dance, found me registering her for a Fairy Ballerina dance class at Evolutions School of Dance, as they met all my expectations for a dance school. After registering for the class, I was impressed with the prompt communication from the directors informing me of important calendar dates, the dress code, the expectations of the dancers during classes and the expectations for the parents from the school. I appreciated the level of proficiency and expertise demonstrated by Evolutions School of Dance.

After five months of being part of the Evolutions School of Dance Family, I am secure in my decision. The school has surpassed my expectations for the quality of dance instruction my daughter receives. As she ages, there are numerous opportunities for her to grow in her ability and learn a variety of dance forms. The dance school has fostered her love of dance and provides for her growth as a dancer.  Today, my daughter says “I love ballet because I love dancing.”  She loves putting on her dance attire and having a ballet bun every Saturday morning saying “I`m a ballerina.”We are fortunate to have discovered Evolutions School of Dance because it has instilled the love of dance in my daughter and maintains an eminent level of professionalism with me.Thank you Mrs. Stephanie and Mrs. Vanessa for creating and establishing the ideal space for my daughter to learn and grow in dance.I have a joyful heart knowing that I made the right decision to join the Evolutions School of Dance family.

Kathy, Parent of 3 year old dancer


What we have been most impressed with during our time at Evolutions School of Dance is the quality of teaching and instruction. I don’t think you will find a more talented group of teachers in Calgary. The teachers focus on both technique and artistry. They have turned our daughters in to beautiful dancers. And the smaller class sizes have allowed our daughters to have more one on one attention. But most importantly, the teachers genuinely care about each individual dancer, and strive to create a positive dance environment and culture.

Janae, parent of 8 & 12 year old dancers


We are just finishing our second year at Evolutions and both my daughter and I love the studio.  The teachers and the management are all so engaging and knowledgeable. Everyone works to foster and environment of kindness and positivity while providing exceptional dance instruction.  My daughter finds the instruction challenging and encouraging. The Evolutions' team is very approachable and professional and there is a genuine interest in the views of the parents and the students.  The studio is centrally located and has great parking.

J ina, parent of 9 year old dancer


I can say with confidence that the level of instruction my daughter is receiving at ESD is absolutely amongst the best in the city. The talent at this studio is amazing, and the care and attention they give each student is something you just don’t find anywhere. There is such a focus on self love and building confidence in yourself as well as in others. It is most definitely my daughters second family, and she gains so much more than just incredible dance education here. My only regret is that we didn’t find them sooner!!

Simone, parent of 11 year old dancer


After losing her mother to cancer at a young age it was my daughter’s discovery of dance that helped her deal with her sadness and find new joy. At Evolutions she’s taken this passion to the next level and I’ve watched her grow as a young woman, building her confidence, while learning discipline, maturity and dedication. Each week Bronwyn is inspired by her teachers and fellow dancers alike and I’ve watched her love of dance grow.

Heath, parent of 12 year old dancer


My daughter has been dancing at Evolutions for the past 6 years. It has been such a great experience that we followed the studio to a new location and now happily drive past many other reputable studios in Calgary.The quality of teachers at Evolutions is excellent with high standards set for student development. My daughter has developed strong technique and the students are taught discipline and structure while instilling a love of dance through regular classes, exam preparation and competition for those who choose. Additional classes and guest teachers are also brought in and encouraged so there is exposure to other styles and technique.Her teachers and the directors are also amazing role models for the girls especially as they approach their teen years. Many are teachers or pursuing other service careers which support their roles in dance. The focus is not just on dance but also commitment, kindness and teamwork.  The studio feels very much like a family, with everyone watching out for and supporting one another.My daughter has also been able to participate as a student teacher over the last year. It has been great for her to be able to give back, mentor younger girls and be mentored by her teachers.I would highly recommend Evolutions to anyone considering enrolling their child in dance or changing studios.

Darilyn, parent of 12 year old dancer


This is our seventh year with Evolutions and both of my girls LOVE their dance family and literally would never want to dance anywhere else. Stephanie and Vanessa as well as all of their loving staff have worked hard to create a fun, inclusive and encouraging environment for kids to explore their love of dance. Small class sizes and a huge emphasis on teaching core dance skills make them a cut above everyone else. I am super proud to be a part of the Evolutions Dance Family.

Kelly, parent of 13 & 15 year old dancers


Evolutions is a wonderful place for children to study and develop their skills, artistry and confidence as both dancers and individuals. Both of my daughters, one now on faculty, have been with the school for many years and had opportunities to study a variety of dance genres. The teachers are exceptionally qualified and committed to developing the whole child in their programming. My daughters have always felt safe to push themselves and take risks, knowing that if they are willing to put in the effort, the teachers at Evolutions are there to nurture them every step of the way!

Sarah, parent of 16 year old dancer