We are so fortunate to have the support of our dance families. Read more about what they have to say about ESD

Our 12 year old dancer started at Evolutions a little over a year ago, with a technical class to enhance her training at another studio. So happy with the training and welcome she received that come September, she picked up 5 more classes. Just last week, after a year of loving dance with Evolutions (even through dancing from home during Covid closures), our daughter informed us that she plans to move all her training to Evolutions next season! I think much of what makes Evolutions so special is being owned and operated by sisters who grew up in the dance world, who now make growing well-rounded dancers their livelihood. Stephanie, Vanessa and Natalka are truly passionate about and committed to what they do, and it shows in every way. Evolutions excels at providing training that goes beyond dance syllabus to include body, mind and spirit. Small class sizes allow excellent technical training and individual attention, plenty of opportunities to grow and be challenged, and a wonderfully supportive and inspiring dance family of fellow dancers, faculty and administration. We’re so grateful our daughter has found everything she’s been looking for in a dance school and dance family with Evolutions, and as parents so have we. There’s truly nothing better than picking up your child after the hard work of dance classes or rehearsals, and finding them happy, pooped, and totally fulfilled - bravo Evolutions!

Andrea, Parent of  12 year old ESD dancer


We've been a part of the ESD family since 2012, and now have two daughters who log many dance hours there each week.  Both of our girls have had the opportunity to perform and compete, and are training hard this year for the Cecchetti ballet exams.  Our eldest has also been involved with the studio’s Inspire (junior instructor) program, where her leadership and mentorship skills have developed significantly. We first chose ESD because of both the proximity to our house (they are nice and central) and the impressive biographies of both the Directors of the studio and their roster of dance teachers. We have become "lifers" for so many reasons, but some main reasons could be distilled as follows:
- Education: Education comes first at ESD; the dancers are treated to an education in the art form of dance, not just run through choreography for the purposes of winning trophies.  My girls have learned about storytelling, body-mechanics, and self-love, building their knowledge, skills, experience, and confidence as they have been guided through ESD's curriculum.  
- Ethos:  The people behind ESD are all so very impressive.  With years of dance experience, dance education, dance certifications, and cross-education including dance teachers with backgrounds in education, mental health, and various health-care fields, our girls are so fortunate to learn from this faculty.  The faculty are caring, supportive, and create a nurturing and challenging environment for our girls.  We could not ask for anything better in this respect.
- Community:  We have all been fortunate to form positive and long-lasting relationships and friendships through the ESD community.  Collegiality is a focus.  ESD has organized community out-reach performances within the greater community of Calgary, as well as various events within the dance community to connect their students to other dancers. The connection with the studio was a big part of what got our girls (and us parents) through a really challenging 2020, and we’ll forever be grateful for that.

Lisa, Parent of 7 & 12 year old dancers


When looking for a dance studio three years ago for our young daughter it was clear that we wanted a studio that could foster our child’s love of dance while providing a classical education. What we received was so much more. From the moment we walked into the studio there was an overwhelming sense of community. From Fairytale Ballet to Beginner Ballet, Summer Camp programs to the Performance Division, we have been able to watch our daughter blossom under each and every teacher. With each class, our daughter’s self confidence and creativity has grown alongside her strength and skill. We love that in so many ways big and small, ESD makes a point to teach its dancers the importance of supporting and inspiring one another. The love, dedication and enthusiasm that ESD has for its students and the art of dance is unmistakable.  It is matched only by the love our dancer and many others like her send right back.

When asked why our daughter loves dancing at ESD, she said quite simply, “it makes me happy”.  

Lisa, Parent of 7 year old ESD dancer


We have been coming to Evolutions since our oldest who will turn 7 this year was just a tiny “Small and Tall” dancer and now all three of our kiddos take class. When I think about Evolutions and what drew us to the studio (and what keeps us at the studio, even driving all the way from Tuscany) these words come to mind: Family, Quality, Mindfulness, Safe and Clean (which has always been the case even prior to the pandemic), and Inclusive (for example: Small and Tall isn’t called Mommy and Me for a reason and it’s little things like that are so appreciated). The studio is our kids happy place, we never struggle to get them there, they are always always happy and excited to go and that says it all to me!

Lisa, Parent of 2, 4 & 7 year old ESD dancers


One of my desires as a parent is to expose my children to as many activities as possible, in a fashion that is not overwhelming or over scheduled. Ideally, these extracurricular activities would focus on community, culture, the arts, and athletics. When I first started looking at dance programs for my young children, I was initially drawn to ESD because of the availability of their sessional classes. It seemed as if these short-termed classes would provide a “flavor” of dancing, without the big commitment that many other prestigious dance studios often require. Additionally, they frequently incorporated art and storytelling. Our daughter LOVED these classes and was absolutely attached at the hip to her wonderfully kind teacher. She developed her love of dance and proclaimed at the tender age of 4 that she was a ballerina. From these wonderful experiences, we have continued at ESD and chose to enrol in their full-year program.  I have not deviated from my personal parenting philosophy; however, I can attest that this dance studio has a focus on the wellness and growth of the whole child. This dance studio is absolutely capable of developing high-calibre athletes, yet our experience is that the overall environment is one in which the happiness of the students is of paramount importance. This is evident even within their competitive program, of which we are part of. The focus remains on the dancers having fun.

Katie, Parent of 3&6 year old ESD dancers


Evolutions School of Dance is one of a kind! When you or your family member take classes there, you truly become part of a family! This is our daughters second year at the studio and loving it! The variety of classes is fantastic; something for everyone. The studio is full of exemplary faculty members who are brimming with creativity, knowledge, passion and dedication. Everyone is made to feel accepted and connected. The teachers and directors work tirelessly to improve, grow, and develop programming and activities to always keep it fresh and fun! It is always so apparent that the children come first and their programs reflect this. ESD has always worked with us when trying new classes or looking for changes. They truly value input and suggestions. We love ESD and look forward to many more years as part of the family!

"I like dancing there because the people are all so nice and I like making new friends"

Alicia, Parent of 6 year old dancer


I grew up as a dancer and now I’m thrilled that my daughter is interested in dance. We are so excited to have found Evolutions School of Dance.  I absolutely love that the owners, Stephanie and Vanessa, instill such great values in their dancers like confidence, teaching their dancers to handle themselves with grace under pressure, learning to work as a team, respecting yourself and others, knowing there is always room for improvement and being able to take criticism & corrections with humility. All of these values will be so beneficial later in their grown up lives.  

Connie, parent of 7 year old ESD dancer


For the past three years my daughters have been attending Evolutions, participating in almost every genre of dance offered at the studio as well as being a part of the competitive division. Their growth technically and mentally as young dancers is all in part of the amazing dance faculty and the principles they follow. Every detail with programming is well thought out and meticulous. My girls are eager to come to classes weekly and truly feel part of a dance family.  We couldn’t ask for anything more out of a dance school and love ESD!

Nikki, parent of 4 & 7 year old ESD dancers


It was important to me that my two sons experience the joy and confidence that dance can bring to the developing self. Enter the fantastic staff and owners of Evolutions School of Dance. Over the last 3 years we’ve danced with Miss Kyla, Miss Reanna, Miss Stephanie, and Miss Eva, and while each instructor has added their own flair to our classes, what was consistent between them all was their infectious enthusiasm for dance. At Evolutions, children are introduced to rhythm and movement in an engaging and accessible way, fostering independence and confidence while giving parents and children a fun and active way to bond and create lasting memories. My older son now attends classes without me and I am glad that my younger is still “Small and Tall” aged as I look forward to my weekly class as much as they do!

Shivani, parent of 2&4 year old ESD dancers


Our dancer showed interest in dance at around 2 years old. Our first experience at another location was terrible and I was worried about what to do next. ESD was recommended to us by an acquaintance who spoke very highly of the studio, the teachers and the directors. Over the past 3.5 years I have watch our dancer grow in so many ways. She truly has a love for dance that I feel has been fostered in the most caring and nurturing environment. I recognize that ESD has created an environment the encourages positive body images and touches on so many important things; like team work, celebrating each other’s accomplishments,  respect and equality among many other things. And that is so important. I remember going to see all the dancers at her first PD rehearsal, fighting back tears the whole way through. It amazed me to watch all of them. Thinking about how they have all grown up loving dance and being surrounded by people who shared the same passion. I remember telling the director afterwards, about how I felt during the performance and she said something like  “I know, some of these dancers have been with us since they were little, it’s like watching your own child up there”. I see that all the faculty are invested in these dancers and they treat them all like family. They say “it’s takes a village.” I am so proud that my daughter has a village at ESD. I cannot wait to watch her grow even more as a dancer and as a person because of this studio!

Kelsie, parent of 6 year old ESD dancer


My daughter has been dancing ballet for over ten years, starting at the age of three, with the RAD Baby Ballet program in Abu Dhabi.  Last year, during the pandemic, we decided it was a good time to move our family home, after twelve years of ex-pat life.  Unfortunately, with the pandemic, and all the uncertainty and upheaval in the world, our timing wasn't the best.  So we looked for ways to make the transition easier, and began looking for a dance school for her, to use her love of dance and movement to help her to settle in.  She had grown to love the teachers and her classmates in her old school, so she had already set a high bar for her new school.  After contacting several different dance schools, and doing a few trial lessons, she was starting to feel a bit deflated, as nothing felt 'right'.  Luckily, I was referred to Evolutions studio.  When I spoke with Stephanie on the phone, I knew immediately that Evolutions was different from the rest.  Stephanie was personable and friendly, with a positive energy that came through over the phone.  She asked me so many questions about my daughter, her dance history and personality.  I did not grow up dancing, so I was unfamiliar with the Cecchetti syllabus, but Stephanie took the time to explain how it differed from the RAD program, and answered all the questions I had.  I loved learning that Evolutions was a family operation, and I have seen how well they all work together, to support the dancers in their classes.  My heart lifted, seeing my daughter come out of her first trial class, with a smile.  After leaving behind the world she knew and starting over in a new country, where everything was foreign, she immediately felt welcomed and settled into her ballet class at Evolutions.  This feeling has carried on, and she looks forward to each and every class.  Her teacher, Ms. Nat, always finds a way to make her feel special and communicate to her that she is doing well.

Through the last round of restrictions, I saw how hard the school worked to help students continue to feel connected to dance, which is a real challenge to do over Zoom.  I was so impressed with their dedication to look after not only the students' dance skills and development, but also their mental health.  Amazing!  I also appreciate all the dedication and work going on behind the scenes to ensure the Alberta Government was made aware of all the safety precautions in place, to help keep dancing a safe activity, during this current climate.  This demonstrates a commitment to dance, that goes beyond just the Evolutions studio.  My daughter was beaming, after her first class back, to receive a welcome back present from the staff--this thoughtfulness means so much!

I am so pleased that we were able to find Evolutions, and would highly recommend them to any family.  It is easy to see that my daughter's health, happiness and love of dance are all priorities at Evolutions.

Anu, parent of 13 year old ESD dancer


We came to Evolutions after spending four years at another well-established dance studio in Calgary. While we enjoyed our time there, we really felt called to explore other options. After a number of years in the dance scene, I knew what I was looking for: rock-solid technique, a warm and welcoming environment, instructors who were knowledgeable about dance and child development, and a studio culture that cultivated camaraderie and cooperation. Evolutions delivered that and so much more. At every step my dancer receives the training and social-emotional support that is growing her as a dancer and as an overall person. I feel confident that we've found the studio where she can continue to develop her technical and personal potential.

Amy, parent of 8 year old ESD dancer


Evolutions School of Dance is more than a dance studio. This institution embraces the entire the child and builds their character while teaching the art of dance. My daughter loves to dance but struggles with being separated from her parents. The studio has been actively involved in developing strategies to support Maria with her comfort and independence to be in the studio. Together we are working to enable her to do what she loves, dance. I am deeply thankful for their support and understanding. As a parent, I know I made the right decision to choose Evolutions School of Dance.

In the studio, she is not just dancing without a purpose. She is learning the foundational skills of proper technique. Her classes are developmentally appropriate and provide her with the proper sequence of learning the technical skills. At home, she is able to articulate the names of the steps and demonstrates them while making up her own dance routines. Her imaginative ideas are enhanced because of the classes and activities she able to participate in at ESD.

The instruction that I have witnessed because of virtual classes is unbelievable and impressive. Maria is passionate about dance and I am thoroughly impressed with Evolutions School of Dance.

Kathy, parent of a 5 year old ESD dancer