I started in the Inspire Program when I was 14 years old and my experience has helped to shape me into the person I am today. It not only helped me to become a better dancer but it allowed me to explore another passion I didn’t even know I had: teaching. Having the opportunity to work hands-on with an experienced teacher gave me the skills that I needed to teach a class by myself and eventually become a teacher at ESD. For me, dancing started as a hobby and the Inspire program showed me that through teaching, dance could become my career.

We love teaching and learning at Evolutions School of Dance. While providing premium dance education to our students is our priority, we also are passionate about inspiring the dance teachers of the future. Our Junior Instructors work closely with our School Directors, faculty and students, gaining experience observing and utilizing various teaching techniques and tools in the dance studio. The relationships and connections formed between our older students and younger students are valuable to everyone, both in the studio and out.

Our INSPIRE Program is for serious ESD dancers who want to expand and grow their teaching experience, gaining knowledge and information in a variety of areas relating to dance education and instruction. This is also a fabulous way to gain volunteer experience, earn CALM credits or community work experience.

Interested students are encouraged to speak to our Directors if they are interested in becoming a member of our team of Junior Instructors.

The ESD Junior Instructor Program

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Being in the Inspire Program gave me a new love and passion for dance. Transitioning from being solely a learner in the studio, to an educator of dance through this program gave me so many new perspectives and added to my love for dance. I was in the Inspire Program for 5 years, and during that time I learned from many different teachers and was able to build up my confidence as an educator. By learning from different teachers I was given different tools and approaches to teaching dance, and was also able to find my own unique style as a teacher. I can still call upon that knowledge when teaching my own dance classes today. This program gave me the ability to be confident in my teaching style and allowed me to further my dance career in a way I could have only dreamed of!