We offer both full year and sessional classes for children from the age of 1 year, as well as sessional Pre-Natal/Post-Natal dance fitness and adult dance classes.

Our full year Regular Division and Performance Division classes run for 10 month from September to mid/end of June.  ESD guarantees that 35 classes will be offered during the dance year. When you enroll your dancer in our dance classes, you are enrolling in the entire year (a 10 month season). To make payments more reasonable for you we divide up them into 10 equal payments. Please note that the first payment in September includes both the first and last month’s tuition total.At the end of the year, regardless of whether there were 3, 4, or 5 classes in any given month, your child will have had the opportunity to attend at least 35 classes. If, due to the way holidays and studio closures occur, we cannot guarantee 35 classes on a given day, students are invited and encouraged to attend the same (or similar) class on a different day to accommodate this situation.


Regular Division

Performance Division (Competitive Program)




Dancers in the Regular Division are committed to a full year of classes, and wish to expand upon and refine their technique and vocabulary. Classes are offered in a variety of dance genres to appeal to many interests, and students are encouraged to register in multiple classes to enhance their technique and stamina. All students enrolled in the 10 month program have the opportunity to perform at the year end recital in June.

Our ESD competitive Performance Division (PD) team is a rewarding team experience for the dancer who loves to perform and train at a higher commitment level.  To provide the best possible training, students who would like to pursue the competitive PD team are assessed by our faculty and placed into the division and classes that are best matched to nurture them to grow in their potential and talent.* previous dance experience required.* must have Director’s approval to register

NEW STUDENTS: Please contact us regarding appropriate class placements

Registration Information

Fee Structure and Additional Costs

ESD Photo Days

Withdrawal Policy

We accept online registration, in person (during our scheduled Office Hours) or over the phone. All information is stored online in our secure Customer Portal, and parents must agree to our Policies and Procedures and Waiver and Liability forms through the Portal.

Evolutions School of Dance believes in providing premium dance training for our dancers, while being mindful of the costs associated for our families.  We post our tuition fees for prospective families clearly on our website and are proud to offer competitive rates along with some of the most qualified, experienced and talented teachers in Calgary.  

Evolutions School of Dance accepts the following payment options:

Full Year Program:  There is a $25/dancer/year Registration Fee.  Monthly payment made by Pre-Authorized Debit from your desired bank account made on the 1st of each month (September to June). The first and last month’s tuition will be processed and charged on September 1.  * It is your responsibility to ensure that all banking information on file is up to date on your account, whether by logging into your Customer Portal or providing the office with a VOID cheque.  

Non Payment Procedure:

1. Written warning & reminder of non payment

2. Written warning & late fee of $35 applied to account

3. If payments are late a third time, students will no longer be permitted to attend their classes and a re-payment schedule has been made.

* Accounts that are not up to date by May 15 risk having their children not perform at the year end showcase. 

Full Year Program: There is a $25/dancer Registration Fee for all dancers who register in our full year program

2019/2020 Class Fees (as of May 1, 2019)
30 minute class - $52/month + gst
45 minute class (Preschool level) - $56/month + gst
45 minute class (Ages 5+) - $62/month + gst
60 minute class - $70/month + gst
75 minute class - $80/month + gst
90 minute class - $95/month + gst

Ballet Program Fees
Pre-Intermediate 1, 2 & Intermediate 1 Ballet (2 60 minute classes/week) - $122.50/month + gst
Intermediate 2 Ballet (1 60 minute & 1 75 minute class/week) - $132.50/month + gst
Senior Ballet (2 90 minute classes/week) - $162.50/month +gst

Multiple Class Discounts
(Discounts only apply to the same child registered in 2 or more classes of different dance disciplines)
2 class discount = 5% off total tuition
3 class discount = 10% off total tuition
6+ classes = $325+gst Unlimited Pass

Family Discount - those families with 3+ children will receive an additional 5% off the total tuition

Additional costs during the dance year will include dance attire and shoes, costumes for recital, photos, tickets for the recital, DVD at the recital.

8 Week Sessional Program:  There is no Registration Fee. Payments for sessional classes are due on registration. Payment can be made by credit card or pre-authorized debit. * It is your responsibility to ensure that all banking information on file is up to date on your account, whether by logging into your Customer Portal and updating payment information.

2019/2020 Sessional Class Fees (as of May 1, 2019)

30 minute class = $125+gst
45 minute class = $155+gst

Sometimes, due to the calendar, sessions may be shorter. In this case, prices will be adjusted.

Summer Camps & Classes: There is no Registration Fee. Payments for sessional classes are due on registration. Payment can be made by credit card or pre-authorized debit. * It is your responsibility to ensure that all banking information on file is up to date on your account, whether by logging into your Customer Portal and updating payment information.

ESD students are required to adhere to our Dress Code and dance attire must be purchased from a proper dance store. We also offer parents the opportunity to buy and sell gently used attire to our dance community through our Facebook page.

All ESD students from Junior 1 and up, have the opportunity to participate in external ballet and jazz exams, through the Cecchetti Society of Canada and ADAPT (Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers), at the faculty’s discretion and student readiness.  Students that take exams will have a higher education in dance technique thus enhancing their overall performance abilities.  External exams are an extra commitment and involve additional fees.

More information will be provided to those registered in Ballet & Jazz Syllabus classes.

The final recital will be held in June. As a culminating event of all their hard work, ESD encourages all dancers to participate in the recital. This is not mandatory, but highly recommended to all students. The year end recital is held at a professional theatre in Calgary. Tickets for the recital are generally between $15-$25/ticket and can be purchased at the studio. Dancers must purchase a costume to participate in the recital.

We communicate with our families using the following formats:

1. Monthly email newsletter

2. Yearly ESD Private Family Facebook Group

3. Email

It is the responsibility of all ESD parents to remain informed and up to date on the happenings, schedule and events of the dance studio. This includes reading our Monthly Newsletter, which will be sent to your email address on file with us. All newsletters and emails are archived on your Customer Portal so you can access them. We also have a Facebook group for our ESD families. The link to join this group will be sent in our Monthly Newsletters.


All dancer participation in our programming is at the sole discretion of Evolutions School of Dance.

Evolutions School of Dance will schedule a photo day, closer to the recital date, held at the studio. A professional photographer will be hired to take quality images of your child and their group. Order forms will be available prior to the photo day. All pictures will be taken of children in their costumes for the recital, NOT their regular class attire.

If you wish to withdraw your child from Evolutions School of Dance, 1 monthʼs written notice must be provided to the Dance School Director on the 1st of the month. One full month after notification of withdrawal, automatic payment will be terminated. If fees have been paid partially or in full, a refund cheque will be provided for the remaining amount. There will be no cancellations with refund accepted after February 1st due to performance preparations.

SESSIONAL CLASSES (Ages 1-8 + adult)  Sessional classes are a great way to introduce your little one to dance and try new and different genres without making a full year commitment.. Our classes are age and developmentally appropriate, and because we believe that play is the foundation for learning, all dance skill development is grounded in imaginative play, musicality and exploration. We encourage you to come back for multiple or repeated sessions as children will grow in confidence, independence and dance technique each time they come!

Sessional Classes





All costumes will be ordered from an online catalogue. A costume deposit will be required on November 25, and the final amount will be charged in March.

Costume Deposits are as follows:

Toddler and Preschool classes - $50
Beginner classes - $60/class
Junior classes - $65/class
Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Senior classes and PD entries - $75/class